angel beams

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Orchids As the third bloom slowly opens its dainty petals
An angel peeps out, beckoning to me
To bask in its beauty, spraying a divine fragrance
A fragrance hitherto unknown, tingling my five senses.

A delicate fragrance caressing me softly
Like the kisses you shower on my face
A fragrance sweeping over like laughing waves
Speckles of love, dancing all around.

A fragrance, like heavenly music from an angel’s harp
Whispering love-notes, only for mine ears
Carrying me swiftly into another world
Filling my soul with droplets of your feelings.

A fragrance, tantalizing my taste-buds
A taste so pure and tender
A taste which makes me hunger for more
Of a love so sweet, delicate and sublime. […]

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leonid afremov
(painting by Leonid Afremov)
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In a teeny wee valley right across the mountains
Dwelt a field of stardusts, their petals dainty and shiny
So smooth, so soft, so delicate were they
Bobbing up and down, laughing, sheer joy spreading.

Seven petals each one had, creamy white the colour
Stems smooth and glistening, leaves tiny bright green
And when the sun shone down on them
A white carpet they seemed,so pure,fit for a queen[…]

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I was searching for a friend,
with whom I can share anything,
who is nonjudgmental,with a deep perception on life and world,
yesterday I met her in a library ….
we were searching for a book”Real Love”
There were only a single copy of it,
And,We planned to read it together.

The experience was beautiful,
enriched us with so much insights,
and our conversations were
with perfect synchronization
like earth and moon
“Problem with our life is our protecting behaviors,
It kills truth… force us to be pretenders,
And we forget what we really needed….”
I said” I was too late to meet you”
She just whispered…..
“nothing is too late”
And looked at me with a romantic smile,
Her gaze was sharp ….into my soul…..
and she put my soul on fire,
which is still burning with a passion for her company,

A great romantic day

(picture courtesy-Erika Kind)
It was a great day of preparations,
To make everything perfect,precious,
to bath in the soft kisses, raining,to,
Fall in love,to make a memorable day…

And it just happened….

It turned to be a great day of romance,
A total surrender to our hearts,so romantic,
Basking in moonlight,dreaming,….feeling….
the warmth and tenderness of soft kisses.

It was her birth day, in the land of love,
Cutting a plum cake,just,an ice breaking,
Exchanging the sweet to swallow,so symbolic,
then deep kisses as if nothing can separate.

Eyes were looking each other, into its own depth,
Our Hearts were sinking into the ocean of affection,
with our naked body,felt the warmth and sweat of,our own,
perspiring desire, to fuse in the fugue of a sweet romance.

Love And Like

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  1. Love is an unconditional emotion, while like is a more watered-down version of love.

  2. Loving someone means that he or she means everything to you, while liking someone means that you are simply happy being with that person.

  3. Love involves deeper, stronger emotions, while like is more of a tender feeling towards that special someone.

  4. Love is another person becoming an integral part of your life, while like is being comfortable in the company of a person.


“Flying” kisses

part-004...the fly
(picture courtesy-Geographic channel)

How we got attracted to each other!
To reciprocate this love,eternally,

In the beauty of the still lake,
I can see myself in your eyes,vividly.

I cant fly away ,alone….my sweet heart
Let me caress you with my butterfly kisses,

In this loving glow we emits,both we join…..
like dew drops reflecting the romantic sky.

And in this soul filling togetherness,
I am sure,our love will never fly away!

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Natural life

(natural-life-painting by a Gabriele-Nedilka),
People usually suppress their true feelings in order to keep peace with others. As a result, they settle for a mediocre existence and never become who they are truly capable of becoming. The social pressure on each individual is too big to ignore and it needs great inner strength to assert one’s uniqueness.
People lack courage to be themselves, because they always choose conformity and recognition over individuality. They postpone happiness all their life as if it is a reward which will be given to them at the end of their life whereas happiness is a choice one has to make each moment.
Very few people honour their dreams while they were alive and sadly this is realised at the threshold of death. It can be avoided by changing the approach towards death. Let it sink deep inside that death is an integral part of life, it is not antagonistic to it. If you live life fully, enjoying each moment you will enjoy death too, as it is the pinnacle of living.
Osho says, “ Death is not ugly because of death, but because you have never lived rightly. If you have never been alive, you have not earned a beautiful death. It has to be earned. One has to live in such a way, so totally and so whole, that one can die totally, not in fragments.” Have a look at yourself in the mirror and find out whether you are really living or not.
-By Amrit Sadhana