the scientific dreams


(painting, courtesy,Daniel merriam)

Science is a half truth……..

it is  based only on objectivity….and that  makes it incomplete.

it excludes subjectivity…a vast realm of truth.

And truth has two wings-objectivity and subjectivity.

how can we assess objectively a dream or dreaming?

Dreaming is real…it is a truth….even the content appears real during the dreaming.

but we can’t objectively assess any dream

Physiologically…..dreaming is

a state in which there is increased eyeball movement…rapid eye movements(REM)

there is decreased  muscle tone,

EEG changes -sawtooth waves-similar to the wakeful state

and human beings are poikilothermic during the state…..

This is the objective assessment of dreaming.

or as an objective abstract  of  science, psychologically,  a dream is a meaningful reflection of unconscious mental functioning,

an adaptive function related to emotion,   may not be even meaningful at all.

or as a cognitive view, a dream is a kind of learning and memory consolidation.

These assumptions are somewhat objective because they are based on the areas of brain getting stimulated(fMRI)  or neurotransmitters released during dreaming.

Still, the objectivity mentioned above is nothing closer to the truth.

I believe subjective experience (subjectivity)is greater truth than objectivity of science in some areas of human experience.

This is true with some of the spiritual(I dont want to call religious) experiences.

My dream is a world with soulful interactions between people beyond the half truth of  objectivity ….beyond science…even the logic.



has two components

cognitive stress(stress as thoughts)

affective stress(stress as emotion)

both can evoke physiological changes(increased glucocorticoid)

both can evoke physical responses(increased heart rate)

stress can appear with its only one component

and stress can express through the body without any of its components

it can express through organs(diabetes)

or through body parts(aphthous ulcer in tongue)

it can express through multiple body parts or organs simultaneously

or just through one organ or two organs.

these two organs act as companion organs

gastro intestinal tractGIT) and skin are two such companion organs.

some people express their stress as allergic reaction in skin

if it suppressed using some anti allergic drugs,stress will manifast as excessive gas&/movement disorder of GITand vice versa.

fluidity and flexibility of body to tackle the stress is amazing.

and the person may not even aware that he /she is stressed.




-from Vincent-VanGogh-self-portrait(detail)-

Attention is a kind of state of mind,

in which, there is a maintenance of awareness, persistently, on particular mental activity for a period.

Neuroanatomically,three structures in the brain is important for attention: Ascending reticular activating system, thalamus, and cortex(mainly right frontal lobe).In terms of neuronal activity, it is the result of synchronization of neuronal firing in various parts of cortex .

Why some children are unable to focus on particular activity?

It is because of easy distractibility or attention deficit.

And they became hyperactive, jumping from one activity to another.

Which may be socially inappropriate.And society may respond negatively to such children.

The children may develop low self esteem and defensive kind of rebellious behaviour,even to conduct disorder and substance abuse

Modern science is searching for the reason.

It can be due to prenatal(during pregnancy) exposure to food additives, food colouring agents.preservatives,toxins, and sugar.In my experience of clinical evaluation, most of the mothers of children with ADHD have a history of  exposure to ‘moderate to severe’   stress during pregnancy.

silence is golden


(“Song of Solomon” oil painting by Slavujac)

In the eyes,we could see the

undercurrents of unspoken feelings……

we were sitting together….

spending lavishly  the time,in oblivion,

the space between us was in blissful  silence,

sharing a harmonious responsiveness…..

we were learning a lesson…..

‘communication can occur in several levels”

and imbibing the feeling….the reflection….

“there is nothing more than us”.

(Song of Solomon 7.12“Let us rise early and go to the vineyards; Let us see whether the vine has budded, And its blossoms have opened, And whether the pomegranates have bloomed. There I will give you my love. 13“The mandrakes have given forth fragrance; And over our doors are all choice fruits, Both new and old, Which I have saved up for you, my beloved.…)


Love …. I say, love…..the way

Sant, James, 1820-1916; A Thorn amidst the Roses


to melt,

in the sunshine,

as an early dewdrop,

amidst the rose thorns……

for nothing but to vanish

in nothingness……

may find its soulmate

in distant white clouds.

Be genuine in,

love and  love….the way,

no other way,

to attract love, melt

with flickering flame,

without fading in the wind,

keep the warmth…..

may find its soulmate

one day……

in the Milky Way.

Love and to love……

to find the love beyond moods,

flow under the moonlight,

like a swiftly moving mermaid,

with the sparkling gaze………

may meet its soulmate,

in deep blue ocean,

in warm streams of

soul filling dreams.

love, I say love……


(painting courtesy, James Sant, A picture of two young Victorian women sitting together in a garden, and the dark-haired girl on the left has a basket of trailing roses hanging from her arm. The red-haired girl on the right has pricked herself with a rose thorn and leans toward her friend who takes her hand to remove the thorn. They sit against a background of dark, dense shrubbery.courtesy Manchester Art gallery)






Self Mapping


(google image)….a beautiful depiction of old age fantasy.

What is self?

Self is affect(emotional component) , cognition(thinking, and understanding) and interaction.

but its  predominant domain is cognition.

Thinking occurs only when we are alert

(An unconscious person cant think)

And understanding is an awarness of something or self itself.

Self is like a wave or form of consciouness…..

And the consciousness has two components alertness and awarness.

how this alertness and awarness influence self?

it gives a kind of three dimensions.

Three dimensions of existence of self.

Innate self…existing for itself,the authentic form lying in consciousness in order to exist as a “being”.

Exist both in alertness and awarness

But in primary existential  zone.(analogue:perfume in an opened bottle)

Second, is projected self…here self reflect itself on something

the reflection can be based on social norms,faith,desires,needs……etc

(secondary existential zone,analogue:perfume applied on a cloth)

Third,is ‘self of deniel’ or nihilistic self

(invisible dissolved existential zone)

here,self exist as only  alertness but not in awarness….total/complete consciousness without self.And others can guess or infer it.

Its like  a perfume in a sealed bottle or a torch light in a  very bright sunlight.

Can the self  exist,even without satisfying the  essential criteria of thinking,  understanding and even consciousness?…..

Self can exist in a person in sleep, an altered state of consciousness.Here person can feel it as a virtual or in dream state.its like percieving/smelling real perfume in dreams.

Self can exist  even in unconscious person …unalert,unaware…nonexistent..paradoxical self….it may be like smelling perfume in a forgotten dream.

Self itself can be an illusion?

Self as distributed agent.

There is nothing like personal  self at all….self can be just an illusion…it is not something ‘locked in’within mind or related to just brain…it can be just an open system of interactions of consciousness with its enviornment,affecting each other and getting renewed  by each other..a kind of active vicious cycle.Boundary is not fixed.Because it is almost impossible to delinate inner world from external world,considering the fact that self is evolved by imbibing contents from its enviornment and the surrounding enviornment is evolving each moment by the influence of self of oneself or others.

Self mapping is actually difficult…it is not quantity but it is functioning in terms of interaction….within consciousness…or even beyond consciousness…..

If I lost my  limb,my brain can still feel pain in the area of lost limb….because it is already have the mapping in self,which leads to phantom limb phenomenon……and if I have a robot limb,it will leads to an extension of self beyond self mapping or self will grow beyond the ‘locked in’state.

And we believe that there is no self for a person,who is deceased, ……But I like to call that self as nonexistent self in eternal sleep.Here the content of self has changed and surrounding enviornment too… more it is brain or neural oriented.The person is not alert,unaware and others infer that the self is no more……it can be a liberated self and the enviorment, is not that of physical reality..its beyond brain..beyond perception….


I must tell you….

….. I forgot the fact that I forgot’ it’….And you too forgot the fact that you forgot it…and then..’it’ is in  a state of nothigness..the fact is’ it’ exist…but only God knows it……its existence.

An inner domain


(art by Herb Ritt)

Inner life is tasting my own sweat,……

making me aware about my own breath,

which usually  leads to a deep sigh,…..

coming out of my own awarness about my self_ unawarness.

my own incongruity.

It is like jumping into a bottomless ocean….

Everyday,thousands of thoughts,passing through my mind

weaving concepts,but I am unaware about most of them.

This  realisation leads to my own unawarness,

motivates me to start an inner journey…introspection.

So that I can feel I exist…..

I exist in outer life and inner life

In outer life, I project an outer self image…I do things not for myself( or partly) but to make people think this or that about me,and I think…this is what others think about me.

In inner life, I didnt project anything but I have an inner self image,my own way of understanding and feeling…and I think I am this….internally.

My outer life is just a defense to hide my inner life…a kind of” deniel” and “reaction formation”.

Both outer and inner lives are my own concepts about my life.

It is my percieved truth about me or my life…it may not be truth at all.

But I am sure about one  truth….that is… my outer life and inner life are painfully incongruent…..paradoxical.

I have an inner life,so private,so secret…and so mysterious.

It is mysterious because it is like a  virtual private library,containg thousands of all sorts of files…..websites.

Some of which, has not even counted… numbered.

And I, myself, read only few pages of few files…few websites.

Among these virtual files, I think, one website  is so mysterious which comprehend all universe,even the creator,butit is hidden.


when I find it… will provide immense eternal knowledge…sacred knowledge.

It will be like touching the nucleus  of an atom…

it is like connecting myself with an unknown mysterious  energy…boundless…measureless……

I do believe…there is no logical search engines to search in  this boundless depth of my own mind,… own domain.

Only search engine is faith…to find out this mysterious website,beyong logic,

I call it ‘spirit’.

“Material things have closed boundaries; they are not accessible, cannot be penetrated, by things outside themselves. But one’s existence as a spiritual being involves being and remaining oneself and at the same time admitting and transforming into oneself the reality of the world. No other material thing can be present in the space occupied by a house, a tree, or a fountain pen. But where there is mind, the totality of things has room; it is “possible that in a single being the comprehensiveness of the whole universe may dwell.”
― Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation