first kiss

As lips touched each other for the first time The air enveloping them blushed pink Like a warm cocoon sealing out the world For the lovers, lips locked in love. No explosion of stars around, no bells ringing No electrifying current running through veins Just a kiss, as if they always kissed Started […]

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the bottled poetry

Come with me,
when you want to have fun,
I kept it, hidden….
the finest wine,

Sip it with your soft lips
as if it never ends….
I kept it,hidden in a deep cellar,
just for you.

we, the right blend,
to fill our souls in love,
the finest wine,
the one we drink together.

you cant go away,
pretending so inflexible,
trust me,…relax baby,
I can make you….dance!
You can dance.
(painting courtesy-Mukul Maiti,India).

A cry

Las Vegas
you made me heavy heart
I can hear your deep sigh…STILL.
And see the pulse-less pale bodies
the innocent blood, to gloom at me.

What could I give you?
My scared cry….which no one needs,
or my broken wings of a dream,
for a peaceful world,….shattered.

What could you tell us…..
An earth song,forgotten, few years back….
or the sword of Damocles,as a civil war…..
or a world with deep paranoia and chaos.

I can still see the arrow…..hatred,
And the curare,the paralyzing poison.

(picture courtesy,wikipedia,
About the painting,The Scream,
Artist Edvard Munch
Year 1893
Type Oil, tempera, pastel and crayon on cardboard
Location National Gallery, Oslo, Norway)

My love

(a poem by angelbeam)

(Painting by Claude Monet Pinterest)
I know not in which corner of the world you dwell

My heart leaps forward in its endless pursuit

To seek and merge into one with yours.

I envy the stars that keep watch over you as you sink

Wearily into blissful slumber;

For that is what I want to do every night.

I envy the soft wind which, caressing and kissing you

Carries away your scent.

For it’s mine, my sole right, you belong to me.

I envy the moon receiving your smile as you look up at the sky.

For your dimpled smile

Is what strums my heartstrings.

I envy the nameless face that blushes under your loving gaze

For the place I long to be is

Wherever your eyes can reach me.

I envy the people in your life who call out your name;

For my lips were made,

Only to whisper it again and again.

But wherever you are my love, this I know for sure.

Love has a way of finding its nest.

Each night that is the last thing I do;

Unleash the love in my heart to search across the seven seas,

To find you my love……… […]

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The Darkest Hour — Twin Flames

(Painting by Caerys Walsh -abstract art contemporary painting canvas. Pinterest) I pushed you down into the deepest crevice of my soul

For, afraid I was of you, my sparkling pure love.

Your light would shine, or so I felt,

On my ugliness, revealing me for the wretch I am.

“Ugly”, they said, “that’s what you are!”

“Love?” They mocked, “Not for you.”

“Prince Charming!” They laughed. “A beggar maybe.”

“Who can nary clothe you, feed you,

Hold a roof above you.”

“Marry,” they said. “Dance to our tuneless music.”

“Breathe not,” they ordered, “not a word of our lies.”

“Weep,” they cursed, “but let not the tears flow.”

“Smile to the world,

Show not the pain in your eyes.”

This is happiness, they taught me to believe

This is life, they decided for me.

So I danced, wept, smiled, laughed.

Struggling against the strong currents of the sea.

For a sea it was, a sea of sorrow

At times calm and serene, at times turbulent

Fighting against the dreams of tomorrow

I tried, I swear, to keep myself afloat.

They did not teach that emptiness is also a feeling

A feeling so heavy despite being a void

How would they know? Poor wretches

Bending under their cross,

They eventually become the cross.

Emptiness, yes, a void in my heart

Crushing heavy like lead

Darkness, yes, dense, thick and spreading

Blowing out coldly

The little warmth left.

Spreading outwards, creeping silently like a malaise

The hollowness swallowing whole my words and deeds

One day saw I myself in the mirror

“Aah,” I cried, “hollow my eyes, hollow my heart.”

But love and behold!

Out you emerged from your depths!

An ember glowing, a tiny spark

You, my love, refusing to be crushed

Sneaking out playfully from the dark.

This time I fanned you, fed you with my milk

You grew up fast, filling every inch of me […]

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fall in love

(picture from facebook, sara william)
Fall in love is a kind of phenomenon.
It can’t explain,it just happens.
trying to explain it,will spoil it.
And I think………..
better to experience it,
Accept it unconditionally.
it is not based on rational thoughts.
it gives beautiful moments ,feelings,
it is not fair to run away from it,
because of its illogicality.
when I fell in love…….
Many asked me”why, that lady?
your judgment must be impaired,
you must be mad…it is suicidal”
They may be right,but…
I am grateful for the unexplainable feeling.
I can feel it as beautiful,soulfilling ache.
And I am just accepting it…getting immersed into it,
like a butterfly into the flickering flame…..
Can anything stop me away from the flame?.


Michael Rogge,originally from Amsterdam,who was staying in Hongkong and in japan,visited Kerala,70 years back ,video graphed this beautiful video,which vividly picturise various aspects of using parts of cocconut tree for producing various products.Kerala, located on the Southwestern tip of India, enjoys unique geographical features that have made it fondly referred to as ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala was selected by the National Geographic Traveller as one of the 50 destinations of a lifetime and one of the thirteen paradises in the world.

Kerala is actually named after the coconut tree with “Kera” meaning Coconut tree and “Alam” meaning land so means “Land of Coconut Trees”. In Kerala, the coconut tree is called as “Kalpa Vriksham” which essentially means all parts of a Coconut tree is useful some way or other The trees have many uses; their leaves are used to make sheds, baskets, and doormats, the husk for making coir, the shell for making ladles and spoons, and fruits used for making hair oil or for eating. Coconut is a staple ingredient in many Kerala dishes and coconut oil is widely consumed and its sap used to make drinks such as coconut toddy (an alcoholic beverage not as strong as wine.Coconut is also used for making coconut paste which is essential for making traditional curryes. Its wood for making furniture.

kerala (1)
(picture courtesy-Google images)

what thinking sounds like!

(converting neuronal activity into sounds)

The Well-Tempered Brain” took place on 13 August in Summerhall exhibition space in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here Sasha Kagansky, and Sergey Kostyrko, Mark Matthes, and Anton Koch decided collaborate with Paul Roach who has previously set up experiment with neurons grown on a microchip, and made open his Big Data set.

Together with a team of music artists the scientists could experience the energizing capacity of interdisciplinary research at the crossroads of neuroscience, computer science and art. Equipped with computers, EEG sensors, and synthesizers the event gave opportunity to explore what thinking sounds like. “A group of neurons can be imagined like a group of instruments within an orchestra”, explains molecular biologist Sasha Kagansky. While neurons interact and communicate with each other in the human brain, they create electric pulses. These pulses, stored in Big Data sets, can be used in various ways. While graphs are a common way to showcase brain activity, the active neurons’ data sets can also be turned into sound.

For this process of sonification, electric signals from cortical and striatal nerve cells grown on a micro chip are recorded in separate digital channels resulting from corresponding electrodes.

Using different software and hardware solutions, the digital-analog converter allows to pre-process the data in real-time (linearize, filter, extract slices, change the time-scale and etc.) and represent it in the form of electric current. After that, patch cables are used to redirect the flow of electricity from one module to another, to multiply signals and to group different modules together for creating performance-oriented system based on the oscillators, the amplifiers, the filters, the mixers, the multipliers, the ADSR generators and the ring modulators. Finally, this approach helps to organize the electric signals from nerve cells into complex sound structures and music compositions.

brain cells in action(photo by Matt Dunn,Dr.Rosemary Fricker,Paul Roach)

brain cells in action(photo by Matt Dunn,Dr.Rosemary Fricker,Paul Roach)