I cant help falling in love

I always wonder about romance,
what is it?
is it a madness……
sure,it is a madness.it
evoke an overwhelming feeling,
leads to a kind of focused attention
-focused only on the lover.
It affects biological functions,
reduces sleep,appetite……
But,it is so wonderful feeling,
And people wants to stay there for ever,
never wants to come back into the earth,
into the chaotic chores of the routine life,
into the ruthless rules of the world.

‘Take my whole life, too
For I can’t help falling in love with you’

Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love
(Recorded March 23, 1961, Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California)

The venus

Dear,I dont know,who you are…………..
Let your identity be the unknown….the someone
but I know,one thing,you are my beloved one,
so intense,the feeling,the vibration,
proclaiming “you are the one”,

With my each pounding heart beat,
My eyelashes flutter for butterfly kisses
on your tantalizing eyes ….
And I believe in my heart,
You are the one,my eyes searching for.

It trembles me like a flickering flame,
And the warmth melts me like a lighted candle,
In the hope, you,the delightful Venus,
The brightest among the stars,
will shine upon my heart,one day
as Goddess of love,the Venus…..

Red Rose

Dear,you are like a rose
pricking me hard.
You are like a rose
which never blossom,
But still I love you

My love, an unconditional saga,
It loves thorns,
It loves rotten leaves,
It loves everything in you.
All your imperfections.

It loves all the twists,
And turns,predestined.
It exist,even if
nothing to hold on,
As unrequited love.

You are like red rose
red like blood,that flows,
within my veins,with passion,
without you,I don’t exist,
in this icy cold wind.

milky ways

rainy romance by leonid afremov

(Painting by Leonid Afremov)

Dear,it is a simple Truth…..
That ‘I love you’
It is simple..as…it was there forever,
like the warmth of the sunlight.

Dear,it is a pure love,
That,it has no deceptions
It is pure..as….kept in my heart,
like a white pearl in an oyster.

Dear,it is a genuine love
nothing I have done for it.
it is genuine….as…just happened,
like a natural blooming of pomegranate

Dear,it is from my romantic heart
it can flow only to your heart,
as it deserves a sweet heart….like you,
Like the sky shower upon the green pasture.

Dear how long we will be separated,
like the clouds in the sky of romance
awaiting for a fusion…..
Dont think twice
Dont adhere to the rotten past memories
Let it go with this wind.
we will just meet……
to plunge,as waterfalls,
to break the seeds among the rocks
for this unconditional sprouting of love.

In this ethereal bliss,
Dont you feel the chills…..
to being in togetherness,

Come,let us share the warmth
in togetherness
Close your eyes…..feel the kisses.

It is simple,to being in love
just allow to fall….
with bubbling dreams,
we can float in this milky ways.
(Dedicated to my beloved Lina)

wisdom of God


Eye contact is one of the important factor in effective communication.the colour of the eye is important.I am talking about the colour of sclera……it is white.

It is  because of the wisdom of God,the creator. The colour of sclera is white in all human beings,inspite of the colour of skin,if the colour  of the sclera was black, (imagine the boy in picture with black scelara ),we could not even make out where the person is looking….a complete black eye (both cornea and scelara) is scary……and may make our verbal communication,a difficult task.


a burning bush

I was watching “The Power of Persistence Part 2 -by  Reinhard Bonnke in YouTube.

unexpectedly I got a feeling of fire, a cool ‘burning bush’ within my heart

Anatomically it is very difficult to locate the area,

it is behind the sternum, the lower part of the sternum.

it is a kind of burning sensation…but cool,

a kind of  pulsating electricity due to

so much electrical activities in solar plexus

This celestial experience of a touch with God’s being

is difficult to explain.

it is a kind of extra sensory perception

a perception with sixth sense

a sense of soul…..or spirit.(both are indistinguishable for me)

a perception without any external sensory stimuli.

I asked him…..God ,if you can give this kind of perception

why cant you appear in front of me?

He never replied

he was so silent

I know ….a person without faith cant please God


emotionally charged thoughts


(picture courtesy  Daniel merriam)

a mind is a colash

of ideas,images, impulses ,  and emotions.

the cognitive field of ideas is made from the assemblage of different ideas contributed by many people.

The only space which I can occupy in it , is my own imagination(creativity).

this imagination has my own ideas(synthesis) from thesis(others ideas)challenged by the

antithesis of logic.

These ideas are in the form of thoughts.

every second, mind is getting renewed by a process of accomodation and assimilation of new ideas, and gain new  insight and emotional state.

(if an axe of cast iron is an idea,an axe of stainless steel with a long hand  is assimilation, minor changes and a saw is a product of accommodation,major changes)

there is nothing changes so fast as mind

no clouds in the sky

no waves in the sea……….thoughts are quicker than lightening.

A normal person may get 36000 to 60000 thoughts in a day

most of them are repeated thoughts(rumination)

and 60 % of these repeated thoughts are negative thoughts

the speed of thought processing varies with the individual

the people who process thoughts quickly are more intelligent .

and they talk rapidly.

however I think speed of thought processing is linked to content of thoughts

because content of thoughts makes it emotionally charged

when we get angry we process thoughts faster

this is true with anxious thoughts too

In other words,mood  and affect are  important contributor to the speed of thought processing

a depressed person process thoughts slower than normal person

and manic faster than normal person,is a well known fact

but similer condition is applicable to normal people with normal changes in   emotional states -(affect).

the content of thoughts changes emotional state  and vice versa and that in turn changes the  speed of thoughts .