I am an Indian doctor.At present working as chief consultant psychiatrist at GMHC Trivandrum,kerala India. My interest is in exploring metaphysical dimension of human beings and nature.My passionate felt need is “ROMANCE”!and the word tantalizing me to write poems…….it is nothing but the reflection of my own emotional needs.



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  1. Thanks for the follow – I hope you enjoy my blog! I look forward to reading some of your posts. πŸ™‚

  2. I am struck by a memory which I’m gathering up my courage to share with you–as I just read your About, and learned you’re a doctor of psychiatry… About 15 years ago I spent a week in the hospital being treated for the dependency I’d developed on Rx narcotic pain medication. Prior to then I’d not had any experience with addictions–didn’t drink or use illegal/street drugs–so I was quite ignorant as to the process/progress of dependency. I was taking the meds for legitimate chronic pain issues, and they were prescribed by my doctor. When I realized I had not only the pain issues, but a narcotics dependency too, I was horrified and wanted to address it immediately.

    Unfortunately, the in-patient treatment program was a “one size fits all” plan (mostly patients who were court-ordered to get treatment, and repeat “offenders” who didn’t really want help)–thus it was a nightmare for a person such as myself. I’m not saying I was superior or better than the others–but since I did not take the drugs to “get high”, and never experienced this “high” they were talking about, I didn’t fit in with the rest. Nonetheless, I was made to say the same confessions: “I am an addict”, etc in the group meetings–and no one believed me when I said I only wanted the pain to go away… Once I understood the progression of addiction, I just wanted to go home. (I successfully weaned off the drugs at home by myself, with God’s help, in Oct 2005.)

    Sorry to tell such a long story… What struck me tonight was that, of the many rotating physicians who came through, most didn’t truly care about the patients; however, one day a doctor from India came in–and he was very different, interested and compassionate. I was so distrusting, after all I’d been through–but his voice was so gentle and his eyes so kind. He asked if I had any questions for him.

    Well, I confess I was a bit curt and defiant–I asked him how he would help someone like me. He was thoughtful for a moment–and then he said, “First, I would try to find out what had happened when ‘she’ was a little girl, who had hurt ‘her’ so deeply.”

    I only saw him that one time, and I wish he could have taken me on as a regular patient afterward–maybe I would not be tearful, still, as I write about this. There was such potential for healing in just that brief wise and compassionate interaction.

    Thanks for letting me “talk” πŸ™‚

    1. dear stella….I can understand your feeling.I have the same opinion that the treatment should be individualy tailored.fit for the patient,and happy to hear that you came out of the dependancy by the grace of God and your effort at home.Thank you so much for sharing your experience.Let our wonderful God protect you and bless you abundantly by providing everything you needed in your life.

      1. Thank you so much for your response–may God abundantly bless you as well. PS–I wonder what you would like your readers to call you, since you have not revealed your name.

      2. my name is Nelson.it is an english name,I dont like that name by myself.it reminds me the colonial ruling/governing in India.please call me a name,you like to call, someone,close to your heart.you have good vocabulary.

      3. Oh my–I understand about not liking your name, as I detest my legal name and thus use pseudonyms πŸ™‚ (Some day I’ll change it legally…) When I was at your blog today, writing my long comment–I kept thinking that I should call you “Doctor”, as a gesture of respect. It really did help me to share a bit of my very personal background with you–as though, somehow, I was talking with the Dr I mentioned. It’s so rare to “meet” people we feel we can trust our heart with.

      4. thank you but please dont call me doctor…I feel, I am in hospital. we dont call barber by their professional name,even an engineer, or an adovacate, I need some other name…(.I like to know what is the meaning of Shadeau)

      5. The meaning of Shadeau is simply a more romantic (slightly French) spelling of “shadow”…

        ‘Whisper’ in Spanish is quite lovely: “Susurro”–and a “whisperer” would be “susurrador”–do you think you’d like to be called that? πŸ™‚

      6. Glad you accept Susurrador πŸ™‚ I’m not Spanish, no–and not very fluent at all, however, “estoy bien, y tu mi amigo?”

      7. Ne nada πŸ™‚ And I see you’ve unfortunately received duplicate replies from me…please see my post which addresses the issue πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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