(picture courtesy facebook)

I was searching for a friend,
with whom I can share anything,
who is nonjudgmental,with a deep perception on life and world,
yesterday I met her in a library ….
we were searching for a book”Real Love”
There were only a single copy of it,
And,We planned to read it together.

The experience was beautiful,
enriched us with so much insights,
and our conversations were
with perfect synchronization
like earth and moon
“Problem with our life is our protecting behaviors,
It kills truth…..it force us to be pretenders,
And we forget what we really needed….”
I said” I was too late to meet you”
She just whispered…..
“nothing is too late”
And looked at me with a romantic smile,
Her gaze was sharp ….into my soul…..
and she put my soul on fire,
which is still burning with a passion for her company,


10 thoughts on “splashing

      1. Oh sweet brother, even if I were a professional astrologer, this is a bit like going to a priest, as an earnest child of God, and waiting for him to almost effortlessly provide you with an answer to “I would like to know how I can be saved”. Especially predictive astrology is a dangerous endeavour which no honest souls would take up, at least not without a long-term relationship of mutual trust, based on soul kinship and commitment on your part to be studying the basics on your own. So do start some research on your own (astro.com is the ideal place to start) if you are serious about this, and I am certain that you will come across the perfect astrologer for you when the time comes. If it’s too much of a time or money investment for you, do not be disappointed, as astrology is only one of the many humble tools on our soul journeys. You have my love and prayers always, Nelson my brother. 💛🙏 Leon

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