conversation with an angel

soul love (picture courtesy-pinterest)
The feeling of rejection was making me worthless:
When she said”I am not interested in you”

Do you know how much it hurts…..
it is like peeling of skin from the flesh,
I am on the cross of an unrequited love…..
bleeding… is a kind of internal bleeding.
No one noticed it…or….attended it.

I believe in angels,who cares….
And prayed with deep sigh…..yet,
no one came from the heaven,
but from this earth itself,…..
An angel came with her healing touch.

The angel asked me ……
“why did you feel so sad?
I replied”she has rejected my love”

Then the angel said”,You lost only someone who didnt love you
And she lost someone who loved her”
I told the angel” this doesnt make me happy”
“I want her love,I need her through out my life”
The angel replied “Dont worry…I will pray for you”
Then murmured…..”She has her own demons to fight”
“you must realize this…….”
“no decent woman would jump at the chance of love,quickly”
“It is man’s job to woo her slowly”
-“But angel……
I Dont know how to woo a girl”
Angel laughed at me”Then Just die to yourself”
“Leave her in her own way”
“If she is yours,she will come back”
Then for a second,angel closed her eyes….
“Dont you believe in resurrection?”
And I replied with a smile….
“Yes, I do believe in the resurrection”.
“Dont worry at all,I can see it…..
oneday you will get resurrected…..with her,
to walk on air with the clasped hands”
Then the heaven will rejoice…..
in the union of loving hearts.


8 thoughts on “conversation with an angel

  1. I love this text, which is an obvious reality. In relation to what you wrote, I would say that in fact, love is not bought, it is gained. And why suffer for a being who does not want you? If love is not with this person it is that God prepares you something better and the angel is there to guide you to this elsewhere. Sincerely. 🙂

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