The ‘sweet’ flower of love

(various orchids,source, from my roof garden and from google image)
Sometimes words are insufficient to express love.Flowers talks a language of unspoken love.”Three red roses’speaks’I love you”and five red roses says”I love you so much”.If it is so,how much the nature loves us.
There are various kinds of flowers in different shapes,colors and in smell.
Some of the flowers resemble living creatures in the nature.
There are butterfly flowers,monkey flowers,snake flowers,naked man flowers…..
The astounding evolutionary explosion of flowers to attract their pollinators is amazing….and it is an unconditional display of true love by the nature……
Can we see the true love in human beings?.
I asked this question to my friend…this was her reply….” I feel like there is no “true love” with one person, for there are so many ways to express love and so many people to love in different ways”.This is true with nature.It shows its love in different ways..and not particularly for a specific person.We have to learn many lessons from the nature.

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