winter final (photo from pinterest)
In the distance,in dim light,
He saw her silhouette
He was not sure….
whether she was coming closer
or going away from him.

Day lights were pale and frozen
Winter crumbled fragile lakes
Green pastures were short of breath
Under the falling snow crystals.

When she came closer
She was shivering
Her lips were purple and cold
She asked”where were you?”

He said’I was waiting for you
through out this winter’
She screamed”are you crazy?”
as she saw the frost bite in his feet,

She embraced and kissed him passionately
“I was searching for you”
“The winter was so cold”
she was almost crying from excitement

And in reply,his lips covered hers
that left her short of breath,
And he whispered”dear, romance has got seasons”
“but,together,we can survive this winter”.

They rubbed their chest together,
Nibbling the ear on ear lobes
‘Yes,this is an ancient trick….
to ignite the fire,dont you feel warm?”

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