Love And Like

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  1. Love is an unconditional emotion, while like is a more watered-down version of love.

  2. Loving someone means that he or she means everything to you, while liking someone means that you are simply happy being with that person.

  3. Love involves deeper, stronger emotions, while like is more of a tender feeling towards that special someone.

  4. Love is another person becoming an integral part of your life, while like is being comfortable in the company of a person.



“Flying” kisses

part-004...the fly
(picture courtesy-Geographic channel)

How we got attracted to each other!
To reciprocate this love,eternally,

In the beauty of the still lake,
I can see myself in your eyes,vividly.

I cant fly away ,alone….my sweet heart
Let me caress you with my butterfly kisses,

In this loving glow we emits,both we join…..
like dew drops reflecting the romantic sky.

And in this soul filling togetherness,
I am sure,our love will never fly away!

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Natural life

(natural-life-painting by a Gabriele-Nedilka),
People usually suppress their true feelings in order to keep peace with others. As a result, they settle for a mediocre existence and never become who they are truly capable of becoming. The social pressure on each individual is too big to ignore and it needs great inner strength to assert one’s uniqueness.
People lack courage to be themselves, because they always choose conformity and recognition over individuality. They postpone happiness all their life as if it is a reward which will be given to them at the end of their life whereas happiness is a choice one has to make each moment.
Very few people honour their dreams while they were alive and sadly this is realised at the threshold of death. It can be avoided by changing the approach towards death. Let it sink deep inside that death is an integral part of life, it is not antagonistic to it. If you live life fully, enjoying each moment you will enjoy death too, as it is the pinnacle of living.
Osho says, “ Death is not ugly because of death, but because you have never lived rightly. If you have never been alive, you have not earned a beautiful death. It has to be earned. One has to live in such a way, so totally and so whole, that one can die totally, not in fragments.” Have a look at yourself in the mirror and find out whether you are really living or not.
-By Amrit Sadhana 

Kerala,the land of the spices



(Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum).

Kerala. historically known as Keralam, is an Indian state in South India and it is a “Malayalam”-speaking region.The region has been a prominent spice exporter since 3000 BCE. In the 15th century, the spice trade attracted Portuguese traders to Kerala, and paved the way for the European colonisation(mainly from Britain and Netherlands) of India.

Kerala has the lowest positive population growth rate in India, 3.44%; the highest Human Development Index (HDI), 0.712 in 2015; the highest literacy rate, 93.91% in the 2011 census; the highest life expectancy, 77 years; and the highest sex ratio, 1,084 women per 1,000 men and lowest infant mortality rate in the country.

The state has witnessed significant emigration(especially to Gulf countries ,U.S.A,and U.K), and its economy depends significantly on remittances from a large “Malayali” expatriate community.

Hinduism is practised by more than half of the population, followed by Islam and Christianity.The state has the highest media exposure in India with newspapers publishing in nine languages, mainly English and Malayalam.

Kerala is one of the prominent tourist destinations of India, with backwaters, beaches, Ayurvedic tourism and tropical greenery as its major attractions.

(ref-wikipedia)(picture, courtesy ,kerala tourism)





kinetic art

Kinetic art is art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or depends on motion for its effect. Canvas paintings that extend the viewer’s perspective of the artwork and incorporate multidimensional movement are the earliest examples of kinetic art.More pertinently speaking, kinetic art is a term that today most often refers to three-dimensional sculptures and figures such as mobiles that move naturally or are machine operated. The moving parts are generally powered by wind, a motor or the observer. Kinetic art encompasses a wide variety of overlapping techniques and styles.(source wikipedia)

Hold me,forever.

romance (picture courtesy google image)
The earth was formless for my unborn soul,
Which was in deep darkness of the deep sleep,
But with your talk, the faint whisper of rain,
You woke ………to open up my eyes.

Now like an eagle I can fly in this sky,
Which you created with colored hues for my soul.
Now I can see the blossoming grass,deep down,
to smell it like your fragrant curly hair.

In this sky of dreams,portrayed with your brush,
like a soaring eagle nurtured with golden rays
Ready to fade into the vanity of the puffy clouds
to fall as a dew drops into the depth of your soul

Even in the bleakness of the cold winter weather,
When lakes breaking into pieces with its subdued soul
Neither I can leave you..nor..forsake you
Even heaven enticed me with its bright eyes.

conversation with an angel

soul love (picture courtesy-pinterest)
The feeling of rejection was making me worthless:
When she said”I am not interested in you”

Do you know how much it hurts…..
it is like peeling of skin from the flesh,
I am on the cross of an unrequited love…..
bleeding… is a kind of internal bleeding.
No one noticed it…or….attended it.

I believe in angels,who cares….
And prayed with deep sigh…..yet,
no one came from the heaven,
but from this earth itself,…..
An angel came with her healing touch.

The angel asked me ……
“why did you feel so sad?
I replied”she has rejected my love”

Then the angel said”,You lost only someone who didnt love you
And she lost someone who loved her”
I told the angel” this doesnt make me happy”
“I want her love,I need her through out my life”
The angel replied “Dont worry…I will pray for you”
Then murmured…..”She has her own demons to fight”
“you must realize this…….”
“no decent woman would jump at the chance of love,quickly”
“It is man’s job to woo her slowly”
-“But angel……
I Dont know how to woo a girl”
Angel laughed at me”Then Just die to yourself”
“Leave her in her own way”
“If she is yours,she will come back”
Then for a second,angel closed her eyes….
“Dont you believe in resurrection?”
And I replied with a smile….
“Yes, I do believe in the resurrection”.
“Dont worry at all,I can see it…..
oneday you will get resurrected…..with her,
to walk on air with the clasped hands”
Then the heaven will rejoice…..
in the union of loving hearts.