has two components

cognitive stress(stress as thoughts)

affective stress(stress as emotion)

both can evoke physiological changes(increased glucocorticoid)

both can evoke physical responses(increased heart rate)

stress can appear with its only one component

and stress can express through the body without any of its components

it can express through organs(diabetes)

or through body parts(aphthous ulcer in tongue)

it can express through multiple body parts or organs simultaneously

or just through one organ or two organs.

these two organs act as companion organs

gastro intestinal tractGIT) and skin are two such companion organs.

some people express their stress as allergic reaction in skin

if it suppressed using some anti allergic drugs,stress will manifast as excessive gas&/movement disorder of GITand vice versa.

fluidity and flexibility of body to tackle the stress is amazing.

and the person may not even aware that he /she is stressed.



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