the scientific dreams


(painting, courtesy,Daniel merriam)

Science is a half truth……..

it is  based only on objectivity….and that  makes it incomplete.

it excludes subjectivity…a vast realm of truth.

And truth has two wings-objectivity and subjectivity.

how can we assess objectively a dream or dreaming?

Dreaming is real…it is a truth….even the content appears real during the dreaming.

but we can’t objectively assess any dream

Physiologically…..dreaming is

a state in which there is increased eyeball movement…rapid eye movements(REM)

there is decreased  muscle tone,

EEG changes -sawtooth waves-similar to the wakeful state

and human beings are poikilothermic during the state…..

This is the objective assessment of dreaming.

or as an objective abstract  of  science, psychologically,  a dream is a meaningful reflection of unconscious mental functioning,

an adaptive function related to emotion,   may not be even meaningful at all.

or as a cognitive view, a dream is a kind of learning and memory consolidation.

These assumptions are somewhat objective because they are based on the areas of brain getting stimulated(fMRI)  or neurotransmitters released during dreaming.

Still, the objectivity mentioned above is nothing closer to the truth.

I believe subjective experience (subjectivity)is greater truth than objectivity of science in some areas of human experience.

This is true with some of the spiritual(I dont want to call religious) experiences.

My dream is a world with soulful interactions between people beyond the half truth of  objectivity ….beyond science…even the logic.




has two components

cognitive stress(stress as thoughts)

affective stress(stress as emotion)

both can evoke physiological changes(increased glucocorticoid)

both can evoke physical responses(increased heart rate)

stress can appear with its only one component

and stress can express through the body without any of its components

it can express through organs(diabetes)

or through body parts(aphthous ulcer in tongue)

it can express through multiple body parts or organs simultaneously

or just through one organ or two organs.

these two organs act as companion organs

gastro intestinal tractGIT) and skin are two such companion organs.

some people express their stress as allergic reaction in skin

if it suppressed using some anti allergic drugs,stress will manifast as excessive gas&/movement disorder of GITand vice versa.

fluidity and flexibility of body to tackle the stress is amazing.

and the person may not even aware that he /she is stressed.




-from Vincent-VanGogh-self-portrait(detail)-

Attention is a kind of state of mind,

in which, there is a maintenance of awareness, persistently, on particular mental activity for a period.

Neuroanatomically,three structures in the brain is important for attention: Ascending reticular activating system, thalamus, and cortex(mainly right frontal lobe).In terms of neuronal activity, it is the result of synchronization of neuronal firing in various parts of cortex .

Why some children are unable to focus on particular activity?

It is because of easy distractibility or attention deficit.

And they became hyperactive, jumping from one activity to another.

Which may be socially inappropriate.And society may respond negatively to such children.

The children may develop low self esteem and defensive kind of rebellious behaviour,even to conduct disorder and substance abuse

Modern science is searching for the reason.

It can be due to prenatal(during pregnancy) exposure to food additives, food colouring agents.preservatives,toxins, and sugar.In my experience of clinical evaluation, most of the mothers of children with ADHD have a history of  exposure to ‘moderate to severe’   stress during pregnancy.