Love …. I say, love…..the way

Sant, James, 1820-1916; A Thorn amidst the Roses


to melt,

in the sunshine,

as an early dewdrop,

amidst the rose thorns……

for nothing but to vanish

in nothingness……

may find its soulmate

in distant white clouds.

Be genuine in,

love and  love….the way,

no other way,

to attract love, melt

with flickering flame,

without fading in the wind,

keep the warmth…..

may find its soulmate

one day……

in the Milky Way.

Love and to love……

to find the love beyond moods,

flow under the moonlight,

like a swiftly moving mermaid,

with the sparkling gaze………

may meet its soulmate,

in deep blue ocean,

in warm streams of

soul filling dreams.

love, I say love……

(Real love is Soul filling. This is what love does, it melts in the sunshine and flows under the moonlight)*.

 *courtesy: Nita

(painting courtesy, James Sant, A picture of two young Victorian women sitting together in a garden, and the dark-haired girl on the left has a basket of trailing roses hanging from her arm. The red-haired girl on the right has pricked herself with a rose thorn and leans toward her friend who takes her hand to remove the thorn. They sit against a background of dark, dense shrubbery.courtesy Manchester Art gallery)







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