Self Mapping


(google image)….a beautiful depiction of old age fantasy.

What is self?

Self is affect(emotional component) , cognition(thinking, and understanding) and interaction.

but its  predominant domain is cognition.

Thinking occurs only when we are alert

(An unconscious person cant think)

And understanding is an awarness of something or self itself.

Self is like a wave or form of consciouness…..

And the consciousness has two components alertness and awarness.

how this alertness and awarness influence self?

it gives a kind of three dimensions.

Three dimensions of existence of self.

Innate self…existing for itself,the authentic form lying in consciousness in order to exist as a “being”.

Exist both in alertness and awarness

But in primary existential  zone.(analogue:perfume in an opened bottle)

Second, is projected self…here self reflect itself on something

the reflection can be based on social norms,faith,desires,needs……etc

(secondary existential zone,analogue:perfume applied on a cloth)

Third,is ‘self of deniel’ or nihilistic self

(invisible dissolved existential zone)

here,self exist as only  alertness but not in awarness….total/complete consciousness without self.And others can guess or infer it.

Its like  a perfume in a sealed bottle or a torch light in a  very bright sunlight.

Can the self  exist,even without satisfying the  essential criteria of thinking,  understanding and even consciousness?…..

Self can exist in a person in sleep, an altered state of consciousness.Here person can feel it as a virtual or in dream state.its like percieving/smelling real perfume in dreams.

Self can exist  even in unconscious person …unalert,unaware…nonexistent..paradoxical self….it may be like smelling perfume in a forgotten dream.

Self itself can be an illusion?

Self as distributed agent.

There is nothing like personal  self at all….self can be just an illusion…it is not something ‘locked in’within mind or related to just brain…it can be just an open system of interactions of consciousness with its enviornment,affecting each other and getting renewed  by each other..a kind of active vicious cycle.Boundary is not fixed.Because it is almost impossible to delinate inner world from external world,considering the fact that self is evolved by imbibing contents from its enviornment and the surrounding enviornment is evolving each moment by the influence of self of oneself or others.

Self mapping is actually difficult…it is not quantity but it is functioning in terms of interaction….within consciousness…or even beyond consciousness…..

If I lost my  limb,my brain can still feel pain in the area of lost limb….because it is already have the mapping in self,which leads to phantom limb phenomenon……and if I have a robot limb,it will leads to an extension of self beyond self mapping or self will grow beyond the ‘locked in’state.

And we believe that there is no self for a person,who is deceased, ……But I like to call that self as nonexistent self in eternal sleep.Here the content of self has changed and surrounding enviornment too… more it is brain or neural oriented.The person is not alert,unaware and others infer that the self is no more……it can be a liberated self and the enviorment, is not that of physical reality..its beyond brain..beyond perception….


I must tell you….

….. I forgot the fact that I forgot’ it’….And you too forgot the fact that you forgot it…and then..’it’ is in  a state of nothigness..the fact is’ it’ exist…but only God knows it……its existence.


8 thoughts on “Self Mapping

    1. if you understand that you you dont understand ..its ok…because you know…there is something to understand…but if you dont understand the fact that you didnt understood…then there is nothing to understand for you…because it has no place in your self…that something to understand is nonexistent…not in realm of your self mapping….eventhough it really exist.

      1. What I understand is that my consciousness goes far beyond myself. And I think particularly of the ability to focus on other people. There is what one sees and feels of oneself, and there is also what one perceives of others. So in summary the reflection does not stop only to our little person. It is only my thought if I understood your text correctly.

        “To make a smile you type : and you paste right behind the)”


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