A lantern under the lightning


(Painting by Kazuaki Tanahashi)

It was the last boat,to the remote village near a sea shore,

And we were sitting on adjacent seats,

under the shade of  a dark sky:

Breathing the same air encircling us

which was occassionaly blowing violently.

The boat was under the scrutiny of light from a  distant light house.

Under the light,

I saw her face ,like a  golden flame,to fade,

was shaky,

And its  tremulousness,was

sending waves to the shore,

I asked her ” what made you so sad?”

as I have noticed tears dribbling from her eyes.

She said”my husband got arrested, last week,

He was a drug dealer but was very good to me….

I have visited him twice in the jail,

but in the last visit, I met not only him but the jail superintendent on the way,

And he called me  ”  beautiful  angel”…

“then, you must be glad”I was innocent in my voice.

she was silent for a while,like the  flickering flame made a stand still for unknown reason….. in a lantern.

But,she was like a smoky lantern,

shedding a pale glow over me,

And I was like an eagerly waiting dog for its feed,wagging its tail…..

Then she continued…”…in the last night,the superintendent came to my house….and like a feral wind,he tresspassed my paradise,devastated everything in it.”

The pale moon in the sky ,was struggling but peeping through the dark clouds.

she was looking into my eyes helplessly……saddened with dark clouds……

I could see the agony …… the eyes of a poor rabbit in a dark forest, in the torch light of a hunter……

I asked her…”no laws in your land?”

She whispered  ….

” we have only brutal laws of hunting and dominance”

Suddenly, a spell of a violent  lightning with thunder,struck the boat,

and it was almost sinking….

I just wrapped my arms around her……..

“dear,in my land, no laws but only love  that sprouts spontaneously”

My eyes were shedding a dancing glow over her face.

And  although the waves were unpolite to its edges…..the boat was heading towards its shore……….The light house was,now,…. closer.

(unfortunately….this story is based on real event from the life of  a rape victim)








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