the unknown me


If I say, I love all humanbeings,

I am decieving myself,it may not be the truth,

If I say I hate all human beings,

It can be  a lie.

If I  say, no one loves me or  people around me ,are hating me…..

These are extreme positions,in terms of  opinion and assumptions.

I have all the rights to keep my own opinions,since I am unique,

But If they are not reality based,or my ‘reality testing’ is impaired,

how can my mind function properly in a real situations?,

My basic,fundamental assumptions are very important,

because they colour my perceptions,my inputs,

If my inputs(perceptions) are distorted,then the output(expressions) will be distorted.

It is my internal mood and the assumptions  regarding myself and others

are most important for perception than my actual world outside,

because my perception is actually a reflection of my own self.

In other words,my perception has two components…..

An inspective part,which inspect outside and imbibe external world or stimuli,

then,an introspective part,which add my ‘self'(mood and preconcieved ideas)into the stimuli,(this may not be even conscious).The introspective/innate component is more important

And both these aspects constitute my ” coginitive phenomenal field”…..

…nothing but my awarness… mind..myself.

And I am always identifying( considering) with my mind as if I am the ” my mind”

but infact’ I’ am beyond my own ideas,thoughts, assumption and my own limited mind.

I always misguided that I percieve the truth as itself … I am a rational being…..

but the truth is..

all  my logic,ideas,concepts,believes,thoughts,feelings,moods,knowledge,mental images,imaginations…eveything is a creation of my mind……And

I am just a slave of my own limited distorted mind.



How can I meet the undistorted ,superconscious’ I’…(may be the ever existing being within me),beyond  my body and my own mind..(.beyond the veil)?

I dont know,whether…I have such existence’the superconscious ‘I’

Because I am unable to lift up/raise the veil…I have identified myself with the veil.

I am sofar the veil…how can a veil  get raised by itself, its own?

This is an existential struggle…..I am trying to lift up the basket in which I am sitting.


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