(painting by Jamie Holbrook)

Consciousness…what is it?

it is an awarness….and

the most mysterious phenomenon in our life,

and it is most close and  familiar one too,

According to John Locke , consciousness is “the perception of what passes in a man’s own mind”

Consciouness has two components of experiences…

Perceptual experience,(objective) such as tastings and seeings; bodily-sensational experiences, such as those of pains, tickles and itches;

Imaginative experiences,(subjective) one’s own awarness of perceptions; and streams of thought, as in the experience of thinking ‘in words’ or ‘in images’.

Many fall into the trap of equating consciousness with self oriented consciousness.

it is self referential…perception and awarness of thoughts in relation to self.

But consciouness can exist without an awarness of self,…without a colouring of self.

Example,in a state of acenesthesia( loss of sensation of physical existence)

Here,a person can feel/ know everything without the “I”the self.

and it is a blissful state, because there is no demarcation or differentiation of any sort, to cause sadness as there is no self for reference.

This is the  superconsciousness…being fully aware with a total union or fusion of internal and external world.

And it is a kind of peak experience in human life.




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