(Painting by Dimitriy Annenkov)

Emotion represents  the expression of a subjectively experienced feeling state.

There are various theories on emotion

With a stimuli,a physiological arousal occurs first

and the emotion is an aftermath of the arousal,

but some believes,

it is the emotion which  occurs first as percieved feeling and the physiological arousal is secondary,

An example, the feeling of anger occurs first which causes increased heart  beat,raised BP and changes in blood circulation.

Some other psychologists have the opinion that both the feeling and physiological arousal/changes occurs simultaneously with a coginitive appraisal ,which is more important.

And this coginitive appraisal can be conscious or unconsciou or both.

I was wondering about the emotions associated with dreams

as well as the total blissful state,joy experienced in deep meditation,transcendental state

where’ I ‘is not existing for a coginitive appraisal.

or Could it  be explained as unconscious appraisal.


Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions(picture courtesy wikipedia)



4 thoughts on “Emotion

  1. Personally I think that the emotion is in direct connection with the mind and the physical perception of something. The emotion associated with dreams remains only the translation of a fear or desire (as the case may be) buried deep within us. But in all cases the emotion translates either a desire or a fear.

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