The cage


(Picture by Andreas Feininger)

Good or bad…..

a concept of this world.

all actions are from the human mind.

and human mind is neither good or bad.

it is a mixture.

man has freewill,an option to do good or bad.

but this is limited,

by intra psychic factors(personal conditioning/prejudices,basic instincts,genetics)

and by the extrapsychic,the fact that mind cant exist in vaccum without incorporating its surrounding beliefs or knowledge.

but by incorporating or exposing to an enviorment which stimulate good deeds,

aperson can turn his freewill in favour of good deeds…then it is not an absolute freewill .

since God has foreknowledge,everything must be predestined.

If everything is predestined,man is not a free animal.

and the freedom is a freedom of an animal in a cage.

it is the cage of illusion of the free will.

it is a cage of good and bad,

ir is a cage between the birth and death.

it is a cage of the  body and mind.

it is a cage of” my own” world.

And it may not be rigid,

It can expand or shrink to a certain extent,


it is a cage under the visual field of the God,the suprem being.


(A stream  has the freedom to flow but only through the predestined path)

Irish theologian John Scottus Eriugena wrote  that God’s predestination should be equated with his foreknowledge of people’s choices.A person may have multiple choices and it gives an illussion of free will.But choices are predestined under the foreknowledge of God.



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