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Do I have a soul

If I Have….

Whats it

Is it a deeper dimension of being

deeper to mind

as mind exist in thoughts,(cognition)

soul exist in soul particles

soul particles are like a kind of vibration

It can carry some consciousness

This consciousness persists after our bodies die and decay into their constituent atoms

I don’t believe that human beings are “simply” collections of atoms evolving and interacting according to rules laid down in the Standard Model of particle physics

There is a possibility that a completely new realm of reality obeying very different rules than the ones we know.

Carl Young’s concept of collective unconsciousness is interesting

other than the personal unconsciousness,a collective unconsciousness realm exists.

All newborn babies seek and suck the mother’s breast without any teaching

For Them,the mother exist even before their  birth, in their unconscious realm….

Honeybees in India and in Africa makes honeycomb in similer pattern

eventhough they never had a chance to exchange the knowledge

I believe that the consciouness exist in some form outside the  mind to carry some knowledge which are innate.



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