Let me be”here”



(painting by Daniel.F.Gerhartz)

Let me be in the  Now,and here,

There is a “power”,

it is the power of  being in my real self,uncorrupted by past or future,

It is the power in the present,in this moment.

The only moment that is significant is the present –

Nothing exists except the “now” ,

The past is gone and the future has not yet arrived,

I want to be fully aware, is to live in the here & now

I am relieved from the past …..

And not worrying about the future,

Let me be here…..

I dont want to focus   on my  past mistakes,

or engage in endless resolutions and plans for the future.

This  was my  a pattern of thinking…a cognitive habit….

so,let me be here……

I dont want to disown my real self,

I love swiftly flowing streams,

I want to put my mask,in this stream…..

I dont want to become what I am not

Let me live here…now

because,I hate stagnation,

I want to flow into my own being


Let me reown my self,

Let me rejoice…here and now.



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