In the wings of a thunder


(picture Courtesy-George RedHawk)

I met her…today

She kicked me out of the boat…..

I dont know the reason….

she was like a thunder and storm,in tears,

she asked me…..

“would you love someone from your enemy country ?

And how do I know you are only mine , when there is a big wall between us ?”
Now I am in the ocean ….insecure,uncertain…amidst hungry waves
Whether I have to swim back into the boat,
which is sinking…
into tears……
to die for an unrequited love
In this darkness of sunset,
back to the seashore ,
where the footprints of lovers,
crushed under the giant sea swell…
and to wait,
to see the crack of  new dawn…..
in the wings of a thunder.




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