somato-psychic symbiosis(2)


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The mind is like a home

And the body is the house.

It has got 1 door and 4 windows

The door is the eyes .

The windows are skin, ear, nose and tongue.

(Eyes are the doors,as we can use them to see and to communicate),

All the input to the mind is through five senses in the house,
Without these inputs, the mind does hardly exist.

vision,touch,audition,olefaction,and gustatory(taste)

Without these sensory inputs,mind does hardly exist as a perception.

(motor out puts,movements  are secondary)

Pure consciousness, unadulterated by the sense perceptions,

Can exist, but occurs only in adults and only in particular conditions.

To perceive this pure consciousness, need a perceiver.

And at the time of deep meditation or total mindfulness,

Perceived (pure consciousness) and perceiver becomes a single entity.

So,the mind can exist without any thought or perceptions as a being but only within a living body.

It is interesting  that without body,the mind cant exist,and without the mind,the  body cant be percieved.

‘Cogito ergo sum’ is a Latin philosophical proposition by René Descartes usually translated into English as “I think, therefore I am”.

This is true, in a sense, without cognition, thinking, we can’t perceive our being as “I”

But our being can exist without perception or perceiver.

(If you want me to write……..and asked me to write

I will write…….

But my being or brain doesn’t give a command with a sense of perception as” I’write…. I just write and it just happened

In the command from the brain, there is no ‘I’brain gives commands to’ My’ hand to write to make it “I am writing”

The ‘I’part comes as secondary attribution to the action based on ‘my’thinking.)

so’ I am’ is just a labelling by ‘my’ thinking…..

And both-perception and perciever; cant exist without the virtual space provided by our brain/body.

And I exist because my brain/body exist.




5 thoughts on “somato-psychic symbiosis(2)

  1. “They pick you up every time you fall reminding you angels aren’t just figments of your imagination but rather these people who walk with you carrying you through life’.Thank u…as I told was insightful….I appreciate ur talent to write…. make vivid some of the abstract concepts

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