somato(body)-psychic symbiosis


It is interesting……

our mind depends our body for its health

If our body is healthy

our mind will be old slogan

If our mind is healthy

body will be healthy.

A vicious circle of body and mind.

it is also a vicious circle of matter and mind(energy)

Aerobic excercise, hot oil massage,tub bath

are all tactile pleasures(positive energy entering through touch ) to the  body

Listening good music,talking with a good friend,-an auditory pleasure(positive energy entering through ear)

Eating good tasty food in moderate quantity,good coffee or  consuming a  very little quantity of  good wine ,a gustatory pleasure(positive energy entering through taste buds)

Smelling roses or jasmine or any good aroma,an olefactory pleasures,olefactory energy

Viewing a deep blue sea,or bright sky with white puffy clouds or swiftly flowing river

are visual pleasures(energy through eyes)

Simple such pleasures through our five senses,atleast 1 hour in a day


makes our mind healthy for the rest of the day.


3 thoughts on “somato(body)-psychic symbiosis

  1. I do not quite agree with the first lines. The health of the body does not necessarily bring health or balance of mind.
    Conversely, the health and strength of the mind influences the health of the body. Let me explain: To solve a health problem, it is often said: listen to what your body tells you. And it is at this time that the mind will be able to interact on the body by stimuli triggering nervous, muscular or endocrine phenomena.
    I agree with the rest
    Have a good evening

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