“Every country has the government it deserves”

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  • (Picture courtesy-google)
  • (A 10 item scale for assessing presedential candidate)
  • 1) Clarity. They are clear and concise at all times–there is no question of their vision and what needs to be accomplished. …(I Dont know,who do better..Hillary or Trump?)
  • 2) Celerity. When problems arise,  immediately address them.( I think Trump)
  • 3) Courage(to do good even against the opinion of the majority). …(Trump is  better than Hillary)
  • 4) Passion.strong and barely controllable emotion towards country’s security …(Trump is better than Hillary)
  • 5) Humility.the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance(Hillary is better than Trump)
  • 6) Forsee- ability …. usually know ahead of time how people will respond to a new idea or proposal and foreseen the general consequences that would result because of his or her conduct., (Hilary do better than Trump)
  • 7) Emotional stability(Hilary  do better than Trump)
  • 8) Third eye… to sense the emotional undercurrents in the society( Hillary do better)
  • 9) Critical thinking..Making innovative strategic plans for the country(Trump do better than Hillary)
  • 10) Motivator.. emotional energy to motivate others.(Trump do better)
  • (out of 9 ,Trump scored 5 in my scale)

8 thoughts on ““Every country has the government it deserves”

      1. There has been a path paved towards this day for a long time, 20+ years. America is a deeply divided country. It is very upsetting and many mourn the outcome of what is to come. Not sure I can survive mentally so I turn off the news and pray, stock up on food and water and wait. Everyone is buying guns. I think there is a revolution about to happen. People have been relatively cautious, cool-headed anger but it could all unravel soon. I shall see if my intuition is right. 🤕💔

  1. Christians r equally picking Hillary, Trump and a few for a third party. Those who want Trump are conservative. Our family knows VP Pence. My son went to school with his daughter. A great Christian family. Liberal Christians choose Hillary. My friends tend to be conservative. Mostly we are praying for peace of mind and strength to survive this tragic time. I am not sure the magnitude of this election is being seen this way around the world. Your 9 pt scale is a great way to view the candidates.

      1. Trump’s life has been threatened. Whisked off the stage in Nevada. The establishment elites fear him. Wikileaks has a lot on Clinton that the media ignores. The polls are likely biased. Both candidates have lawyers in the wings to sue if they lose. No one trusts our government, except for those who want to believe all is well morally and spiritually.

      2. You called it!!! Our country is still equally divided (Hillary and Obama have conceded as I have heard) so no stopping for a prayer break. The next year shall be interesting. So much happening around the world. Praying for people’s hearts to know peace amidst the chaos.

        Great post!!!

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