(picture Courtesy-George RedHawk)

Angels are real  beings…..

They have a purpose in our life,when they visit us/reveal themselves,

It can be as guards, messengers, guides, protectors, comforters,etc…

We cant see them with our eyes,

We have to use our activated eyes of our spirit/soul

I have activated it many years back…through a secret technique.

Now I can see angels or celestial bodies,other spirits.

But more than visual perception,it is tactile perception,which is more stronger in my case.

(now let me go into my fantasy…)

I could feel her …….

As an angel,she,an elusive spirit

……..came into my  being as a deluge.

I saw her bluish eyes…it was from the deepest depth of a deep blue sea,

I saw her lips…it was from the sweet red , heart of a pomegranate.

I heard her voice…sweet as an ethereal melody,

Her touch was that of a peacock feather,

She was just a heart beat away…. surrounded me with her aura…

and like sunshine flows into the wilderness of a deep forest,

She beheld my soul in wow.

(NB:There is no Bible example of angels appearing in female form)


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