true titanic love


(picture courtesy, google+)

What height, it should be, to classified it as a great love……

till the tip of the icy cold mountain ..Everest?,where it is  hard to breath,still its an amazing pleasent experience…fusing with white puffy clouds in hurricane wind.

What is its depth……..depth of the most dearest love?

till the deepest depth of the North Atlantic ocean where the fossils of  titanic rests with frozen deep sighs …and not knows it’s depth  until it cease to have.

What is its width …….width of the widest love ever evolved?

between the two walls of our loving heart,where the bubbling imagination has no end…and spreading with no boundary.

What is its length…..the length of the longest love..

So called eternal love?

……till my last breath..our breath..

…till my heart beats for you…

.Yours for me…

And what is it?….hmmmmm,..😂.

oh..haaaa …wow experience….

a postive feeling of ” heart to heart” whispering with someone  like you, who deserves my heart.


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