The Distant blue sky….


(Picture courtesy-The Telegraph)

When I look into her eyes,

sparkling through the slit of  the Burka,

I could see her soul,

It was like  clear tear drops….

untouched by the dirt of  the  deadly world.

She was talking a language of the mountain

so natural,yet with so many sharpened rocks,

hard to understand,or hold it,but

when I listened to it……

I heard a song of love,as sharp as a diamond knife,

cutting my dull dawn with its sparkling rays.

I was scared of loosing my heart,

Her glance….  powerful with a serenity

like the golden rays beamed  down through the clouds,

searching for a  distant blue sky.

I said…I am scared…you are like a volcano

She said,dont be scared,I am not a volcano….

just a pile of ashes , forbidden to fly into the sky,and

within my burka (parda),there are many tubernacles.

If you wish, sacrifice  your own self,here,with me,

I can be your soothening  melting lava,and

Let me tear it off this mask, with your loving hands….

Dont you see ,how much I wanted to be free….

free from their bondages,ideologies,

Save me from their hands,dont you see these two tear drops,

My wings are already broken.

My days are darkened….

With a deep sigh,she said…..

but still,I can see the blue sky in your eyes.



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