the warm hands

by Mike Wells,disparity

(photo by Mike Wells)

Forgive me…….

for not giving you, a ‘handshake”

eventhough I love to do so,

with my heaven,the broad hand.

Forgive me

for,not showing my face,

lost its beauty,like a dried up river.

As  nothing to fill, ,its banks,  skin and bone.

Forgive me

For, not showing  my eyes of gratitude,

As nothing to nourish my dry eyes,

like a parched land,abandoned forver.

Forgive me

For making you sad,

I, like a light  fading lantern,

dying in its surrounding darkness,

cant see anything.

Forgive me

For making you ,uneasy,

My soul ,a withered leaf in a desert

broken in its deep agony for decay.

Forgive me

For my soundless cry for help

my throat is dry and sore,

not a  drop of tear, to wet it.


Thank you, for your holy hand,

and the teary eyes,

sparkling lke a star

in my dark cloudy sky.


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