whispers of divine beauty


(a picture from shutterstock.com)

What a wonder…..

The meadow’s bouquet,a posy for,

a splendid display of your  ethereal  beauty,

Who dressed you up……angel honey,

in such a tender, lovely form,

as  a reminiscence of  a pure love of,

a snowy cloud,flowing swiftly,

in the  the heart of a bluish sky.

I wonder…….

your expression is so ethereal,

the wooly feathers,fair haired,

as  powder snow of  the rejoicing heaven,

on petals of a  divine white rose,

slipped off from the hands of Antheia.

I wonder……

the  sweet little love hearts,on  your wings,

sipping the sap of sweetness,

from the  posy, romantic souls….. or

filling the  honey into the hearts of their

blossoming love.

I wonder…..

the light  blue,lovely sapphire,

so precious,with  the hugs of fondness,

mounting to your chest,

by a  lovely mom,mother nature,

for making her world,brighter.


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