the tryst

Paton, Joseph Noel, 1821-1901; The Tryst
Paton, Joseph Noel; The Tryst; Glasgow Museums;

(Painting by Joseph Noel Paton,(1821-1901)GMRC)

In a seasson of blossoming cherry

and white lilys,

As a splendid puffy cloud,

descending from heaven,

she sat under the apple tree….

immersed in musing,…….

The cool breeze ,with its fragrance,

surrounded me ,sensually.

whispered in my ear,’look at her”,

‘waving just for you’

like a lovely white lily.

My blue sky,brightened with the puffy cloud,

as the dark clouds,shed

its spring rain,in blessings,…….

With sprouting goosebumps,we,

sought for the warmth,

under the veil of the apple tree,

like parakeets, rubbing beaks together.

And surrounded by the shy leaves,

soaked in the romantic rain…..

We,in a romantic pain……

blended blindly,

devoured the forbidden apple together…..

to walk on air..forever.






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