The group


(painting by Wladmir Kush)

A group has a potential energy

sprouting spontaneously by its innate mutual  fecilitating effect,

The fecilitating effect is by the  member’s mere presence and  the mutual observation or concern of its members.

This energy can be translated into a renewing force for a constructive  interaction,

to change maladaptive behaviour,maladaptive thoughts and feelings of its members,

maladative behaviour, thoughts,feelings,so called blind spots in our mind ,about which we are not aware ,are the cause of our problems in relationships.

group act as a reflector.

which may inturn ,cause a postive individual personality change or a feeling of wellbeing.

In the ideal group,the members should have the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings without any fear of  a harsh evaluation(,a freedom to express themselves fully) and the others  should be nonjudgmental.How ever an unbiased, nonjudgmental appraisal can be done at the end, for sharing and getting a proper insight.This insight can bring  positive changes.

Each member can mutually understand emotional needs,others physical needs  , so that they can adapt well with the other member,while proceeding with  the fullfilment 0f their needs without challenging or thwarting, the other members needs.

I am just visualizing an ideal society.

The group is just a prototype of such society.




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