a traumatic transference

eruption-on-the-sun.jpgby nasa


(picture by NASA)

Oh Lord

Who will believe that my words are packed with the whole truth?,

I was feeling  pity, on her face,and the tragic life,

Which was pale yellow,struggling,like a very old movie on a screen,

interupted with the thunder and the lightening,

I felt that the heart was melting for many years,silently,

for someone’s patient_ listening,but,

with a fear of the people around her.

When I started the conversion,for the first time

she was so skeptical,guarded,

like any woman in front a man,a stranger,

Gradually she could open up her heart.

When I saw the heart….

It was like  an abandoned land,

with  full of carcasses and the  hidden wolves,

I could see the shining  eyes of wolves with suspiciousness

It was scary…”could I handle this alone?”

I was sure that I was entering into a dangerous zone.

“The tresspassers will be prosecuted”

Still I proceeded forward with my own thought

“Who could else offer a helping hand selflessly…..

If I was withdrawing into my own comfort zone”

Her heart  was in  such a chaotic hell,

I could hear the helpless cry.

I streched my hand into the depth….

It was like trying to save an  unknown posonous snake from the  mangoose.

The twist and spin was abrupt,so unexpected….

My soothening words,she misunderstood,

as seductive to manipulate her….

She bit at my hands,mercilessly…

Now my heart, so innocent, is in an agonising pain

Now I have no ther option-only this venesection

Let my innocent blood,flow out as a river,

Let wolves lick their mouth with its taste.

But I have a hope……

The most beautiful lady,the truth,

will embrace me,so affectionately

and whisper in my ear….

“I was with you and will be with you forever”

“You are my sweetest darling”

“And I can understand you”.

And as the saying goes…..

“A friend in need is a friend,indeed”.

Indeed,the truth is my best friend.


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