a deep sigh

13245303_1699074557020696_88710047619861577_n.jpg face book(dominic savio feriya)

(a facebook picture)

when I saw her,for the first time….

infact,it was the last time,

she was looking so tough and rough

there was no smile

only thunders in the  dark stormy sky,

I wondered

where she was coming from…

From,a mountain top,

Harsh with sharp edged rocks,

with stony heart as granite

so indifferent,as if none around her

so cold,as her veins , clogged with sadness

but the gaze…..drenched in the shining light,

so sharp  as a rare diamond _cut

shining,  so stunningly beautiful,

Piercing into my heart

like a double edged sword

I was wondering…

How sharp it was…..

Can it revive my cold heart,

Rusted with painful past

What was she….

a fruit,

a jackfruit with thorny mask

and yet, hidden sweetness inside.

or a flower,

a wild rose amidst thorny bushes in a muddy land

yet,with  the lovely fragrance

what was she…..and

why was,so harsh at me,

with these piercing gaze,

she was like an unsolved puzzle

as mystery unconquered,so attractive.


As she vanished, a dream in vain,

A lovely drawing on the water,

My heart…..

A snared swan….with the unsteady beat,



out of the water,ceased to swim.

Looking into the cloudy sky,

for the heavy footsteps of the thunder…..

The fiery dusk has not yet come

Hear my screaming……the smothering soul,

Amidst these  bull sharks,of painful thoughts….

“Dont  go away”


This loneliness is icy cold,

Nothing moving,not even the wind,

“Please come back…….

My  thunder storm”.

The whisperer…..with ….

.A deep sigh.







16 thoughts on “a deep sigh

      1. The lady is quite solitary–perhaps she has no family remaining–so everyday she sits with her beautiful peacocks for hours of pleasant company. Does that help? 🙂

      1. i am getting puzzled by woman’s heart…is it so unpredictable…is it uncertain that , what they really want is inconspicuous…are they mysterious by their unexpected twist,spin in the relationship…..I wonder…what they are,still at this age of my 50’s

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