The cry


baby and mom -copiii14032016net

It is the time,baby

to end everything…….

no more painful  memories

is it sad….


very sad

but it will last only for few moments

we are going together to  ‘another’ world,

where we may meet again,


I dont know…….

but I guess,

there is no pain in that world….

there is no abusive words……..

Can you see my shaking hands,dear

my pounding heart,

my paled face,

my bruised eyes,….eyelids

Please close your eyes,dont see them….

…….please drink this wine,with me,my dear sweetie,

It will give us ,a new cloath for the other world

and it will give us a long lasting sleep.

We wont hear those abusive words anymore….

,Please dont see my tears, dripping into the wine,

it is going to end forever……….

my dear son ,let me kiss you….

will  you give me it back…when we meet there….

as a sign that were inseperable.

(She gave that poisoned  wine to her 4 years old son

and she drank it with him

but unfortunately he died and she has survived,

Police arrested her for the homicide

when I saw her in jail

she was  weeping,so depressed, and said…..

“doctor,please kill me

I dont want to stay here in this world

I dont want to see anyones face

but only my sweet son’s face…..

he was so sweet ,doctor

I can hear  the sweet voice” Mama ,dont worry I am with you”

” I wont allow dad to kill you”

eventhough he was only 4 yers old,

he was protecting me ,covering me up,when my husband was beating me

scolding me,abusing me…..he was so sweet child,so cute

Doctor I was keeping my son in my palm,  like a precious pearl

even in the tough and rough tides of my life….

please kill me …….without him I cant survive

let me see his face,once again…..

let him give  back, the last kiss,…..back.

(this is a real story, my  34 years old female patient,who have attempted suicide with her 4 years child,the child died immediately but she survived…she said,she was planning to commit suicide alone…but when she had thought  ‘about the child’s stay with her cruel husband,without her…. she had no other option)

another story of Helen,


27 thoughts on “The cry

  1. Oh my goodness–this true story rips my heart out, I can almost feel her pain myself. And yet, Sir, you’ve written it so magnificently beautifully….I wonder what will become of her…I fear the pain will be too great for her to bear.

      1. Oh I dare say you communicated the intensity very well–my heart aches for her..and I’m still wondering what will become of her…

      2. empathy (a concern & the feeling as if it happened to me) should be the appropriate emotional position…but many times, I get emotionally involved as it happened to me…the ‘if ‘ part(the dettachment) I am missing…this makes my job as well as my life, tougher

      3. That’s what I suspected–that it’s difficult for you to detach. I will pray daily that God lifts you, and gives you strength in the work He has called and equipped you for.

      4. The neighbors have substance abuse issues and mental health issues–and frequently become violent…much hollering of threats and abusive language, which makes me quite anxious and depressed, fearful…

  2. Thank you for this, dearest Brother, and for everything you share here. Thank you so much and for all your work on every level. You are a very important soul. I pray your way Divine Courage and oceans of Love. With gratitude, Leon

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