The chemistry


(paintings by Auguste Cot)


what is wrong with me?

tell me please…….

why I am constantly searching to know ‘what is this love’

why I am constantly searching ,to feel it….to immerse in it?

does it really exist?

As you know…….

I loved her as deep as a sea

beyond my will and reason…..

it was not an option ….. just happened…

But she said

“Look,You are a beautiful soul,you are my good friend.

I like you…. but we lack that ‘chemistry’ for a romance”

What is this’ chemistry’? is it in ….

the dew drops on the sublime lips of  the  white lilly…….?

the harmonious chanting of  the nightingale’s lullaby?

or  the dusking sky,as sun -kissed the sea,beckons star …………

in the breeze -breathed ripples of a  smooth flowing river under the moonlight……

Give me the” chemistry” in my heart from…..where it is,

Give me the” chemistry”……the secret alchemy of the love…

so  that it may flow out of my heart like the perfume

so that she can feel it,smell it…..the pheromone,

So that I can go again to meet her,

to run enthusiastically as we got everything in this world

just to show the world,that I got the chemistry

I am sure that would be a wonderful moment

when we reach there….

I can swim with her in the ocean with the boundless feeling…..

And I am sure……..

it will make me humble,with the insight that

whatever I spoken of love is just a drop in this great ocean…

The ocean of love.

-not even a drop.




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