‘i test’ love




(painting “i test” by Kim Noble)

what is love?

Love is an emotion,a feeling,a positive one,

but not a feeling with out action,without expression.

…………….even if,

I love poor people………I have concern for them,

and I am not ready to spend a single penny to wipe out their tears

is it love?

I love poor people……….and doing expressions of love,and actions such as….  spending a lot of time in writing essays ,even  beautiful poems on poverty or how to help poor people,

without seeing my poor neighbour’s tears,and doing nothing to wipe out it,

is it love? outward expressions or actions are enough?……..

I am spending a lot of money for the food and shelter of  a beautiful ,poor widow,living alone,in my neighbourhood,but

with a hidden intention that oneday I can use her to satisfy my lust,…..

a feeling with action but with wrong intention……

is it love?

I am looking after(caring) my children,my wife with good intention to show them that I am loving them.

a feeling with good action,good intention, but to show……..

is it love?

Feelings can be deceptive. Sometimes, what we perceive as love may in fact be another emotion.

When we are truly engaged in giving and receiving love, we don’t ponder such philosophical questions.

It’s only when something is lacking that we begin to analyze and contemplate what that thing actually is

so,I dont want to think too much ………

If you understand how to recognize when you are being loved,you can also learn to recognize your love for another

it is an innate understanding.



JUST walk in Love.feel it.

-enjoy the mindfullness of love.


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