self Transcendent

illusions life



what is self?

is it the experiencer? or experience?

self as an experience- we experience our “self”(like the brain  processing the stimuli of a vision/picture  provided by the eye,

:both processing and vision are experience)

and self as an experiencer-( like brain ,which percieves the vision,experiencer)

(In imagination,suppose,the eye started to gather the stimuli for vision and it has got the  capacity to percieve  the vision within itself,with  its own capacity like brain,then eye became an experience and experiencer)

our ‘self’ is like that ‘autonomous eye”-the processor and  the perciever.

we cant process anything without the involvement of self

and when we percieve our ‘self’,the process is through the self,and the perciever is our “self”

when we percieve our ‘self’,we define our ‘self’

in terms of temparament(emotions),character (self related coginitive concepts,behaviour) -the ‘self concept’it is anything we say about our’self.

The distinction between the self as I, the subjective knower, and the self as Me, the object that is known, is interesting…..

May be existing only in humanbeings,

Animals has the ‘I’,the knower but not the ‘me’

self analysis/self evaluation,self perception and ‘me’ feeling are all possible only to humanbeings.

And after the perception,

we prune it(self) in order to prsent it in front of the society.

such kind of self presentation is a unique nature of a human being,

when we understand the self as experience,experiencer and the self prunning for self presentation,we can transcendent our self,

we can go beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience.

And this is the realm of spirituality.



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