challenging the mind set



(painting by M.C.Esher)


Let me tell you a truth……

a seed’s sole aim is to become a tree…

but it never meets its tree…..

the death of the seed is the birth of the tree,.

Our heart is a puzzle,like an illusion,

it creates,seemingly impossible thing

And contradiction exists,simultaneously,

and….. both are true

“Like half filled glass is half empty glass”

Body and spirit, can they co-exist?

The body is material,

The spirit is immaterial,

The body is mortal,

The spirit is immortal

something which is mortal,material cant comprehend the immortal,immaterial

And still they coexist…

Analogy is seed and tree….

In the seed there is a tree

but seed cant see it,

The death of the seed is needed for the birth of the tree

Some people can’t accept this

they only accept extremes as truth.

When I say,I love  and  hate her

People can’t accept it.

‘either you can love her or hate her

you can’t do both,simultaneously’.

To make them happy and to project ‘myself’ as truthful,

I may able to bend the statement little bit like this…

“sometimes I like her ,and sometimes I don’t”.

but in my opinion,the truth is ‘love and hate’ towards a person can coexist.

I am talking about,the third dimension of existence of the abstract concepts

such as love,hate, beauty,ugly,truth,lie…..spirit…etc

They can coexist simultaneously with their extreme ploes.

Because it needs no space, no time

they are aspatial and atemporal,

only problem is our logic…..

and the logic is like an illusion…give some sense,satisfy our mind.

The abstract concepts are a kind of feeling.subjective,not like the  material,concrete thing.

Let me explain it with the colors

… and white can co exist….may be more concievable.

when I try to find out what the truth is,….

it seems to exist in “yes or no”

The mental processes are inelastic in many people,

lack flexibility,considered as a sign of the truth or logic..

And they can think only in extremes…in poles

and the mental process is the splitting….

“splitting’ is a kind of mental process,which

split things into two pieces…

and forcing  the people to cling to the one part of it, as  the truth.

and such human truth is an illusion…two dimensional logic based on  ‘yes or no’

Actually,human beings are beings ,consciousness,never percieved the absolute truth  …the spirit.

To percieve the spirit we have to go beyond reality….

it is like a seed, which can… never percieve the tree in it…

and we cant make visible to the seed,what is going to happen to future….the tree.Reality-is-merely-an-illusion







12 thoughts on “challenging the mind set

  1. I agree–we are such complex beings that even without realizing it, we contain many aspects: love, hate, like, apathy, compassion, judgment, murderous thoughts…etc.

    And I liked what you said about logic being like an illusion.

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