The lullaby of love


(painting by Wladmir Kush)

Where, you can go away from me?/…………/

where,you can hide away,from me?/….(……./.

when we attached with that invisible thread….love./@/=❤


Even if, we hide the smile,when we see each other,

how can we hide our hearts……..

flutter with the  rhythm of the hidden love.


like the  sea and sea shore…..

we  fight ,each other with words

like the  waves on the  sea shore,

but how can we cork up the deep symbiosis,

when we take in, the same air for our survival,

And ,when we drink from the same spring ,

how can we satiable, without our togetherness?

When we look into our  nurture,her loving nature,

set in stone before we born,

how can we part.?..without being the part of this orchestra.

the swift flow of the calm river……sending,

the feather touch of a cool breeze,arousing,

the lullaby of  beautiful birds….and as gratitude,

the sweet fragrance of lovely flowers,

waving at the flying  fluffy clouds…….


when I and you,are twined together,as golden snakes

mesmerised,with this copulating attraction,

And, our inner being   flying so close,

for unknown eternal bliss……..

How can we move away from each other?

yet to reveal the “glad”in the freudian slip….

“I am “sad” to love you”…..


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