on mother’s lap

praying-mantis-bike.jpg(tustel ico)

Love is a  feeling of affection.

.like a child in mother’s lap ,

Love is a pleasurable state of mind,at its own will…

As in a deeper meditation,near a swiftly flowing river.

Love is a positive attitude……like reflection of nature on a dew drop in early morning,

like  a dew drop ,reflecting its nature in the  early morning,

It is a strong  attraction and emotional attachment…like the sun and sunflower,

.like the morning sun and blossoming sunflower,

It is”the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”

……..like a fragile flame of a melting candle in a wind.

And”An active appreciation of the intrinsic worth of the object of love.”

…….like the sun dipping into the sea, a lovely sunset.

Love is not hate,never be the scorpion in your shoes.

Love is not lust,never be the wolf’s eyes on a lamb

Love is not just a working relationship,never be the folk dance for a  blind.

however, love unusually difficult to consistently define, compared to other emotional states……….

I can only say…..I love you,Lord…and….surround me with thy aura

Love is this vibrant spiritual aura,surrounding me unconditionally.

reflecting to others,unconditionally…..

The koinonia.

-the unselfish fellowship.reflecting each other.

( REWRITiNG THE OLD POST)my loveliest thoughts on love


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