let the creativity flow




(painting by Dimitriy Annenkov)

“American artist Kira Ayn Varszegi uses her 38DD breasts as brushes, to create original paintings. she just applies oil paint directly to her breasts and presses them against the canvas. The process is repeated several times, using various color combinations and transfer techniques, until she is satisfied with her work.”


let me express my thoughts….

Breast is an ever fascinating  object  of love

A neonatal child drains it without any prior knowledge…..?

I wonder how he sucked it for milk? from collective unconscious as Carl Young mentioned.

It involves two things, the natural search…… ,the child sucks everything as in search to suck  the breast;-the oral exploration.

second,adjusting  his mouth to well fit into the breast ..the oral accommodation.

When he  grow up into adolescence,he uses females breast for sexual stimulation,real or virtual.

Thus,Shatter the boundary of the object of love,between motherhood and sexuality.

When he become a husband, he fondles it with everlasting interest and love,………

to feel it as supple,succulent and pillowy for his orgasm

It is a mesmerising object,

a female can use it to paint any fantasy.and stimulate fantasy in any male.

here,Kira Ayn Varszegi uses her boobs,to place a  smile on people’s faces.

Let the creativity flow from the valley,

-connecting generation to generation in vicious cycle of love.


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