The innocence



(by carol Guzy)

I, the little lamb,

delivered from its mother’s womb….

jumping and running,

to show  its mom

that “you got a fantastic child”

I was like a new sprout,

from the crevice of a dirty wall,told

“I too here” in  my fragile voice,

to a dusty, busy world.

I was pure as my mom’s milk

and sweet.

Like a white dove with its cute red-colored eyes,

I saw only beautiful things,

Like a dew drop,freshly fallen,

I reflected everything pure

till the butcher comes…..

They took away my mom,

she was crying…so helpless

I licked her tears

it was   salty;with soured sadness.

I too cried,

my first cry.

They stamped me from all the side,

made me a cry’less creature

I dipped into the dirt,

crushed me under their dirty feet,

I saw a new world,the butcher

only I saw…….through

my own window…..half open, with fear,

the unnoticed death,

No more the little lamb.




2 thoughts on “The innocence

  1. I’m not sure I understood all of this–is it a true personal story of losing your mother? If so, I’m sincerely sorry–a terrible loss, as well as the loss of innocence.

    1. no its not about losing mother…it is about a child losing his innocence as he grows into the world. when he turned back and look into his childhood, he realised that the child with innocence, died……only he can see it.The death of mother as a symbolic expression that he realised that his innocent relationship with mother has also lost and the ideal mother with innocence(percieved during childhood) is no more existing…..

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