A death dream


(painting by Peihang Huang)

Looked through the belongings,memories….

in the hope that I will find out some meaning,

for everything happened in my life.

But,I could not find out anything.

except the agonising emptiness,

what is the meaning of my birth?

I don’t know.

I don’t know, even, how  my birth was?

And I don’t know , what this life meant for.

I don’t know, why should I die ,one day.

I know, I didn’t bring anything to this world.

I know, I will not take anything when I go.

But,your sweet lovely smile,

How can I forget it?

smile again…….like the moonlight dreamer,

Let me ,dream it again…

Will we meet again?after death,

in a place, we were,before we born…..

or, enter into another birth-death cycle of a higher order,

to flow like clouds….

I don’t know…..

I only know, your smile with the hiding tears ,in this farewell

will be with me forever,so,

let me die with this tranquility,

for walking on air,…. in our reunion.


9 thoughts on “A death dream

  1. You do not know? I know that each of us leaves something behind him. Some encounters are not coincidences. And simple exchanges can sometimes bring much to the one as to the other. Our fondest memories should accompany us to the end of the road, even if those memories are just dreams became almost real.

  2. I am enchanted with this phrase, “Your smile with the hiding tears”…oh my, oh my, this is true poetry. And I wonder–if I should ever wish to “borrow” the phrase, with full credit to you, would you allow that? If “no”, that’s alright 🙂

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