The perception

woman-holding-mirror-on-grass-reflection.jpg(laura williams)

(picture by Laura williams)

The newly wedded couple had started their life in a hired house.

one day,the wife was looking through the glass window,

she saw a poor lady,her neighbour,who was washing her clothes by using her hands,

and putting it on a rope to dry it,

(as that lady had no washing machine)

She felt that it was not washed well.

she told it to her husband….. “that lady doesn’t know ,how to wash her clothes ,it is not at all clean”

Her husband didn’t respond.

After few days,

while she was looking through the glass window,

she got astonished,

she said to her husband “look,that lady finally learned to do the good washing.her clothes are clean,someone had educated her to wash well”

Her husband smiled and said “today I woke up early and cleaned our dusty glass windows”

This  is a short story(micro story) to show that our perception depends on various factors within ourselves

our mood ,

past memories,our culture,concepts about self and the world

all colours our perception

Could you tell me few more factors ,that colours our perception?


19 thoughts on “The perception

      1. La perception de l’autre, peut être modifiée parfois, en fonction de la tenue vestimentaire. De la façon de s’exprimer. De la façon de se conduire. Il y a plein d’exemple où on va mettre une étiquette sur quelqu’un, parce que l’on a tout simplement un ressenti qui ne répond qu’à nos propres critères.

  1. This is a great story! Some days it is just my temporary mood that colors my perception (misperception)–if I’m over-tired, not feeling well, I often misperceive things.

    1. thank you stella…you are such a wonderful lady.In such case of mispercetion, if we have an insight that we have mispercieved,then there is a chance of correction.but in most cases,we dont realise that we ve mispercieved

      1. Yes, I agree that’s so true–such as when I mentioned that I’m over-tired, I can generally catch right away my misperception, and tell myself, “no worries, it will look better/different tomorrow”. But during periods of lingering depression it’s much harder to grasp, and make the correction… Thank you for always complimenting me, Sir–today it especially lifts my heart 🙂 May God bless you “Extra”!

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