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(picture by Wilma Hurskainen)

Do we really need communication to feel happy and satisfied with our lives?

The evolutionary psychologists Satoshi Kanazava, of the London School of Economics, and Norman Li, of the Singapore Management University, came to several conclusions,from their research,…..(exclude the examples)

  • Firstly, as a rule, people living in densely populated areas feel less happy.
  • Secondly, to feel happy most of us need constant communication with friends and people with like minds.
  • (Eg.the common  people like ‘whatsupp”or facebook:inscreasing its use day by day)
  • The more close conversations we have, the higher the level of our happiness.
  • Thirdly, people with high intelligence are most often the exception to the rule.
  • (Eg.intellectuals like wordpress or other creative blog,which has less communication,but more creativity)

. The intellectuals feel less satisfied with their lives when they’re socially active too much.

Most geniuses are loners, and few people understand and accept them.

Intelligent people use most of their time to achieve long-term goals.

Intellectuals find happiness in activities which lead to results.

In my opinion,we like to live together but at the sametime,to independent in our own world,in our own way.

In modern society,houses  are coming closer and closer,but the minds of people are going away,

And as virtual communication increases, we are all become,like intellectuals …..

interested  more in virtual communication (-as either intra person or interperson),

but less interested in real  interpersonal communication.




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