The rooster

the hen

(painting from

Mathew 26:74 “Then he began to call down curses, and he swore to them, “I don’t know the man!” Immediately a rooster crowed”

How can I tell you…..

I see you,the “seer”

Among the many faces

I never saw, you.

Eventhough you saw my face even before I born

How can I tell you…..

I  hear you,the “hearer”

Among the many voices….

I never heard, your voice.

…knocking on my door.

How can I tell you

I know you,the knower…..

Equipped me to know everything,

As the wisdom,dwelling within me,

I never understand you.

How can I feel you,the “feeler”

Eventhough you ,the nearest one,

healed,this lepar by the mighty touch.

How can  I tell you…..

I am surrender to you ,

Eventhough I am the shadow,

And you are the real.

How can I hold you….

I dont feel you as a person.

But still I need you…

And I miss you, my holy rock.

As a deaf and blind

I am wandering…..

I am a stranger here.

Hold me…..


Without You,”I” dont exist.

 my refuge and my fortress,

Guide me……

to the house, where you dwell.

Now in you, I trust.

…the voice of the rooster.



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