“Virtuality is a self-created form of chosen reality .therefore it exists”-Joan Lawery Nixon”
Virtual is not physically existing as such but made by software or (some other means) to appear to do so
 The “virtual” is “ideal-real.”
The most possible ideal duplication of real.
It is what is not real, but displays the full qualities of the real.
 Look at reflection in a mirror:
Is it real?
The reflection is real ,in a sense it really  stimulate what is the” real” in real thing.
But the reflection as an image, is a superficial form….like “1”
the” one” or the “1” really represent the essence of… “oneness”
Where is  the essence form “oneness”exist?
Is it in “one/1″or in mind?
the “one”or “1” stimulate the idea  for a perception of “oneness” in our mind.
In other words…we cant understand or percieve something  which is not there in our mind.If mind is real,whatever we percieves in mind is real.
If so,if something virtual creats or stimulated something in mind in real way…The virtual which stimulated is real as “1”.
Let me say…a virtual talk/intercation with someone in distance,creates or stimulated love in your mind towards that person,…is it real love or virtual love?
I will say,it is already there, whether or not one can see it;
It is not waiting for any kind of actualization.
This  allows one to understand that real effects may be issued from a virtual object, so that our perception of it and our whole relation to it, are fully real, even if it is not.
This explains how virtual reality can be used to cure phobias.
(Phobia is a real fear to real situation
Patient is exposing to the exact virtaul situation of the phobic situation,
and made to relax, that, when the person really exposed to phobic situation,he can relax….)
In my opinion,mind itself is a kind of virtual object…..Maya….
In Vedic texts and modern literature dedicated to Indian traditions, Māyā connotes a “magic show, an illusion where things appear to be present but are not what they seem”.

However, P. D. Shastri states that the  more accurate meaning of māyā is “appearance, not mere illusion”.

According to William Mahony, the root of the word may be man- or “to think”, implying the role of imagination in the creation of the world.

The question is; which come first chicken or egg?

The “1” or the essence”oneness”?


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