(painting by Delawar Omar)

A pond is a body of water .Our mind is like a pond.

A pond support a very wide range of wildlife: ducks, turtles, swans, small fish,snakes and frogs .

In our mind too,there are various kinds of images ,ideas and memories.

And some are conflicting each other.

Usually, in most ponds sunlight can reach to bottom.

But in our mind,we cant go into its bottom,often.

Only in dreams and in hypnosis,we may go into its bottom.

Bottom of our mind is choatic,with various kind of horrible images.,conflicting ideas,and emotions.

They are settled in the bottom like the mud in a pond.

Peace is a state of harmony, quiet or calm that is not disturbed by anything at all, like a still pond,a pond  with its well settled mud.

How can you settle the mud within you?

By meditation,yoga,music and relaxation excercises(JPMR) etc.

But they are all temporary.

A peace within the mind by its own operations is temporary.

A real peace does not exist in mind,unless it is governed by “spirit”

Beacause, mind is a mad monkey within you,if it is governed by your ‘self”

self renounciation or allowing our mind to be governed by our ‘spirit’,may be the way to find a way to real peace.

Beacause,real peace exist only with God and only our spirit can be the partaker.

Beacause real peace exist only with real truth ,real love,and real joy.

And the sunlight is the holyspirit……

Let your mind,to be governed by your spirit,

Beacause real peace is spiritual.

(Shalom…my soulmate…smile please)


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