My heart will go on……

3056964568_0962e9649a_o.jpg(sindri skulason)

(photograph from Sindri skulason)

I know ,I am addicted to you

You are my “craving”…….

I always need you.

To engulf into my heart.


You are my “primacy”

Prime important object.

I am running just for you,

To reach nearer to you.

Whatever I do I do it for you.


You are my “withdrawal”

Withou you,I feel this trembling,.

this ache of loneliness,

And scary dreams..


I am so “tolerant”nowadays

I need more hugs to get the initial kick.

I want more, to confirm your love,

more sweet moments than ever.

And I am searching  for you,to be with you,

with more passionate inentions…..

Inspite of painful consequences……

My mouth is open,inspite of…

this dryness in our realtaionship,

“your silence”

“your guilt”on a unrequited love.

Let me cover up my bleeding heart….

With my face,and a funny smile😀


(smile please)


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