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(from world’s most amazing pictures)

longing is a strong feeling of need or desire for someone or something.

For me ,this someone is you,

And for you, this someone may be me.

We are searching for an ideal love from an ideal person,

Eventhough we know that there is no ideal person or ideal love in this world.

our rational mind works on a reality principle,

because nature or God has planted an insatiable longing to see truth.

but our soul still search for an ideal one.

If we are searching for something…..

like a pregnant woman longing for pickle,

we can provide it

If a child longing for icecream,or mother- made chicken soup

we can provide it

But, what could we do, if he longing for the moon at night?

onlything ,we can do,fill a basin with water,reflect the moon on it

and allow the child to touch it…………

Our search for love in this world can reach only up to the basin.

The real love exist only in heaven


but that ‘someone’like the water in a basin,reflect the real love.

you can see it,when you touch in contact with it,

It changes…not only the moon but the one which reflect the moon too,

it became a search in vanity……….


when others,  enjoying a sunny day, outside,

My soul, looking out the window with longing….

for the night with a full moon….

for a heavenly kiss….

She might not ever come,


I hope, I may not be right.

And I wish ,I was what you wanted…..




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